Who are we?

We are a Spanish small firm focused to give digital support to entrepreneurial and institutional entities between China and Spain. Our goal is to put in contact agents operating at different levels for developing win-win mutual collaboration in the industrial and services sectors. We can provide an assistance not only for Digital Marketing issues but for technological subjects also. Last ones involve the application of technologies such as:

  • Data Analytics.
  • Smart environments (for urban environments, planning & logistics).
  • Intelligent Systems (for transport, cars) and industrial environments (industry 4.0).
  • Computer Vision (3D reconstruction, surveillance, access control).
  • Robotics (visual supervised control. automatic navigation).
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (to ease local and remote interaction).
  • Expert Systems (Machine Learning).
  • Integrated Systems including communications, information processing & analysis.
  • Support for Decision Making and Advanced Visualization.